Fall Prevention – The Top Ways to Prevent Hard Falls

balanceawFalling over is a common event in everyday life. It is not too difficult to do but you can really hurt yourself in the process. Unfortunately, for some individuals, falling over may be a regular event, especially if that individual is elderly or disabled. In the event of a fall, a lot of damage can be done. Bones can be fractured and tissue bruising can occur. All of which are things we can happily do without. However, if you learn a few simple tips when it comes to preventing falls, you can go about your day fall-free!

To assist you in your fall-prone life, and in support of balance awareness week, we have decided to research into ways you can prevent yourself from falling. Of course, we can’t promise that these tips will prevent you from falling over ever again, but they’re a start and can greatly reduce your chances. Below are the top ways you can prevent hard (or soft) falls, some being simple while others requiring an Ealing Chiropractor. With the proper application, you can greatly reduce your risk of injury!

Get Your Eyesight Tested

This tip can be applicable to not only those who suffer from vision impairments. Everyone should be getting their eyes tested every now and again to make sure there are no issues that could result in nasty accidents, such as falling over. If you have bad eye sight you are more likely to trip on a stray box or a computer lead. Without the ability to navigate your way through daily activities, you run the risk of having a nasty fall that could result in hospitalisation. Do yourself a favour and take a simple trip to the opticians. They will be able to run a complete assessment of your sight, identifying any arising issues.

Make Your Home a Safe Place

This might seem like an obvious and stupid tip, but you’d be surprised just how many people fall over and badly injure themselves in their very own homes! All it takes is a small spillage and you’re on your backside. There are various tips when it comes to home maintenance and fall prevention. Here are our favourite:

  • Avoid walking on a slippery floor with socks
  • Use slip-proof mats and rugs
  • Clean spillages as soon as they’re made
  • Wear good shoes that fit your feet
  • Clean up the clutter on your floor

Pop Down to Your Local Chiropractor

This might seem like a strange one but there is a lot of logic behind it. Professionals, like Ealing Chiropractors, are able to offer help for specific balance disorders. This, of course, is only applicable if you have a balance disorder but it has been seen to be scientifically effective. Depending on the disorder, Ealing Chiropractors will be able to adjust the neck joints, allowing the brain to send correct signals to the muscles. Other treatments involve clearing the debris near the ear through a series of specialised movements. Through the right treatment, Ealing chiropractors will be able get you on your way to a fall-free life.


Falling over is an unpleasant experience. It gets even worse when you have a disability which affects your balance, and that is what balance awareness week is all about! With the tips above, you should be able to start taking action in order to prevent yourself from falling over on a regular basis. If you need any professional chiropractor help, please call to arrange an appointment on 020 8566 3757 now.

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