Tips to Avoiding Headaches This Holiday Season

holidayHeadacheHolidays are a time for friends, family, and happy memories. However, the joyful moments can be associated with a lot of stress from travelling, shopping and preparing for the celebrations. Stress and other stimuli may significantly increase or trigger your headache. Most individuals consider this illness as a temporary irritation that does not have significant impacts on their daily life and enjoyment.

For some individuals, however, facial and head pain may be a daily struggle that may significantly affect their daily activities and quality of life. Due to the effects of the head and facial pains, experts recommend the following tips to avoid them this holiday season.



Moderation is the key to minimizing facial and head pains. If you are planning to have that festive cocktail at your free time, you should sip it slowly to minimize head pains. Mixed drinks containing vegetable and fruit selections can have fewer effects compared to the straight alcohol.

For individuals suffering from migraine conditions, white wine is ideal for them. And if individuals do experience the famous over-served migraine, they should consider black coffee with some honey instead of sugar to relieve their pain in the morning.


Maintain Your Regular Sleep and Meal Schedule

If you and your family cannot stop for regular meals, you should try packing nutritious snacks. While preparing for the holidays, you should remember to maintain regular sleep. The late night parties can result in health issues, especially to those with migraine conditions. Try your best to have enough sleep each day to minimize this problem. During this holiday season, you should ensure that you get a regular sleep of approximately eight hours a day to avoid head and facial pains.


Avoid Odors in Crowded Stores

As you pass through crowded stores, you should be aware of the odours that may lead to head pains. The perfume scents wafting through the surrounding air may result in head pain. Also, some individuals may be susceptible to the smell of balsam trees and pine boughs.

Other people may also be affected by the odours and scents of freshly baked treats like the chocolate chip cookies. With the establishment of the no smoking regulations, public places are safe if you are sensitive to smoke. But private parties can be a haven for smokers, especially for those enjoying the celebratory cigar. You should try to find an area free of perfume and smoke.


Have Sufficient Amounts of Medicine

If you are travelling with your family, you should ensure that you have sufficient amounts of prescription medicine. You don’t want to find yourself without the prescription medications, both on Christmas and the New Year’s Day. For individuals who experience this type of illness when vacationing in mountainous areas or travelling by plane, they should discuss the issue with their physician. Preventive measures are available to minimize the altitude headaches.

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