Swimming Injuries and How to Prevent Them

swimming-injuriesEngaging in any kind of sports activities is quite a fun experience. However, there is a lot of injury risks involved. You could strain your muscles and put stress on your entire body, which could lead to severe injuries.

Swimming, like any other sports, has its own injury risks. However, sports injuries could be avoided if a professional sports and spinal physio is frequently consulted. Such experts will advise on the best warm-up exercises appropriate for swimming, as well as help treat any injuries suffered during swimming.

Common Swimming Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Too much strain and stress during swimming can cause many injuries on a swimmer. Some of these injuries may include,

Shoulder Pains

This is the most common injury when swimming. A lot of stress is put on the arms when rotating them to perform swim strokes, causing so much pain in your shoulders, during swimming and after. If swimming is your profession, this kind of pain could paralyze your career for a while.

Good news is, shoulder pains can be prevented. With proper pre-swim activation exercises, your arms will loosen up any muscle tension, giving you a pain-free swimming session. Getting the warm-up exercises from a physiotherapy expert could help prevent the shoulder pains.

Knee Injury

When performing the breaststroke technique in swimming, the knee is bent a lot of times. The repetitive bending puts so much stress on the knee and the muscles around it, causing a knee injury. Knee injuries are not only familiar when doing the breaststroke, but also in all kinds of swimming techniques that involve the movement of the knee.

Although knee injuries can be avoided by warm-up exercises and taking instructions from expert coaches, accidents can happen that injure the knee area. A proper session with a physiotherapy expert can help treat the injury, as well as rehabilitate a swimmer.

Back Injury

A back injury can quickly limit your swimming activities and any other activities off water. This injury is mostly caused by exaggerated movement of the lower back, which is due to weak core muscles. Another cause of back injury is, using a swimming technique that does not involve any rotation. This could cause your lower back to strain to keep you in balance when swimming.

By following swimming instructions from a physiotherapy expert, you can reduce back pains significantly. Performing correct swimming strokes is also very important in preventing back pains.

How to Prevent Swimming Injuries

  • Proper Warm-up exercises before swimming.
  • Performing swimming techniques the correct way could help reduce straining.
  • Exercising with an expert to strengthen your core muscles, before swimming.
  • Consulting a physiotherapy expert for education and additional advice on how to swim without injuries.

At Turramurra, we provide sports and spinal physio services for swimmers. We help you with advice on the best swimming techniques that prevent swimming injuries, we treat any injuries suffered during swimming, and we rehabilitate swimmers. For any such services, call 9144-1510 now to schedule an appointment with one of our physiotherapists.

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