Pulstar Spinescan – An impressive amalgamation of Chiropractic and technology

backpainMany of us who have experienced mild back pain at some point in our lives have never thought of seeking treatment for fear of a complex therapy which may do more harm than good. However, nowadays chiropractors are using multiple advanced impulse technologies which offer a solution that not only makes the treatment pain-free but cracking and popping sound free as well which was a usual norm in traditional chiropractic methods. These cracking sounds used to make the patient more nervous and thus people used to avoid back pain treatment. Pulstar Spine scan is a highly advanced multiple impulse therapy tool which can effectively cure the spine related problems in just a few visits.

Scarborough Chiropractor Dr. Adam Rocchi explains that the Pulstar spine scan helps in identifying restrictions in the spinal movement and delivers carefully controlled, mechanical impulses at specific predetermined force into the stiff areas so as to restore normal movements.

How does a Pulstar spine scan tool function?

If you visit renowned Scarborough Chiropractor Dr. Adam Rocchi, he will explain that the treatment typically begins by making the patient sit comfortably in a forward-leaning position or by lying down on the stomach. The process should never be traumatic for the patient.

  1. Analysis – After the patient has comfortably settled down, the first step is that the chiropractor uses the impulse head of a Pulstar spine scan to analyze the spinal movement by applying a quick series of low-force impulses between each of the vertebrae of the spine. As a result of these impulses, the sensor in the impulse head records the movement of the patient’s spine. This recorded information is then processed by Pulstar control box and a cutting-edge software. The recorded information is then displayed on the computer monitor in the form of a bar graph. The graph indicates the areas of the spine with both normal and abnormal motion. Red and yellow colors on the graph indicate the problem areas.
  1. Adjustment- The information that is obtained from the bar graph and patient-specific diagnosis are then used by the chiropractor to apply several gentle and precise impulses to the areas where stiffness is more so as to improve the spinal movement. The sensor in the impulse head monitors the changes in the motion of the spinal segment that is being adjusted. The impulse head automatically stops the adjustment process once the spinal movement improves.
  1. Re-Analysis – The chiropractor uses the impulse head again after performing all necessary adjustments in order to re-analyze the spine. The information recorded from this re-analysis is used by the control box and the software to generate the second bar graph. The two bar graphs are then compared to understand if the motion in patient’s spine has improved or not. If required, additional adjustments can also be done to improve the movement of the spine. In case no further adjustment is required then the Pulstar chiropractic treatment is considered complete and the patient is advised by the chiropractor accordingly if he has to re-visit and when a follow-up treatment is required.

Renowned Scarborough Chiropractor Dr. Adam Rocchisays that from the beginning of the procedure to the end of the treatment, the Pulstar data is always accurate and it represents the change that both the doctor and patient can see both subjectively and objectively. Scarborough Chiropractor Dr. Adam Rocchi adds that the patients often feel that their pain has reduced noticeably in just three to four visits.

We can easily say that by combining chiropractic methods with this hand-held spine scan device, the spine treatment has become pain-free, gentle, low-risk and gives immediate results as compared to traditional chiropractic ways.

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