Healthy Snacks for Kids

Healthy-Snacks-for-KidsEating habits developed in childhood are likely to stick as the child grows. This is one of the reasons why you need to teach your kids proper eating habits. One way of getting your kids to eat well is to give them healthy snacks regularly. Unlike adults, kids are not usually able to eat enough food in one sitting as their stomachs are smaller, and this problem can be solved with periodic snacks. These foods can also fill in nutrient gaps that you couldn’t cover in main meals.

Snacks for kids should primarily fall into the categories of fruit, vegetable, whole grains and dairy products.

Healthy Fruit

You can pack fruits like apples in your child’s lunch box. Ideally, you should let them pick a fruit that they like, and possibly even reward them if they switch up the selection regularly. Some healthy fruits that children can enjoy include bananas, mangoes, berries, oranges and peaches. If you choose to pack strawberries, cherries or blackberries, make sure you pick the dark-coloured ones. These usually have the highest nutritional value.

Fruit snacks are usually presented as a good and healthy alternatively to natural fruits. However, they contain very high amounts of processed sugar. The nutritional value of these snacks is very low, and for this reason, you should not replace natural fruits with fruit snacks. In fact, it is advisable to treat these snacks just like regular candy.

Vegetable Snacks

Vegetable snacks should always be served raw or lightly steamed. This way, they have more nutrients and usually taste better. Nice vegetable snacks for kids include celery, carrots, cucumbers and cauliflower. If you choose to serve the foods raw, make sure you chop them into small pieces. Otherwise, the hard parts of the vegetable can choke the child.

If you want, you can blend some vegetables and fruits to make a healthy drink for your child. A proper combination of the ingredients should make it taste better.

Whole Grains

Whole grains can provide your child with energy throughout the day. They are packed with lots of nutrients, including carbohydrates, proteins and vitamin B. They also contain antioxidants. If you give your kids whole grains regularly, the risk of becoming obese will drop significantly, even as adults. Some whole grain snacks you can prepare include oatmeal bars, popcorns, oatcakes and smoothies. You can also make a whole grain pizza for your kids.

Dairy Products

Children need to develop strong and healthy bones. Dairy products contain calcium which helps with this exact problem. Some dairy products you can feed your child include milk, yoghurt, cheese and ice cream.


Proper nutrition in kids is vital. Children who become overweight or obese are highly likely to remain unhealthy as adults. Healthy snacks can help your children learn healthy feeding habits early enough. You can give them fruits, vegetables, whole grains and even dairy products as snacks. If your child has special dietary problems, you should visit Sunbury Chiropractor for advice on what meals to feed your child.

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